Can I just tell you how much I craved tacos when I was pregnant? And trust me when I say that’s absolutely not an exaggeration.

The day that I found out I was pregnant with my son, I’d worked all morning and by the time I got home, I thought I might die if I didn’t eat. I wanted tacos like nobody’s business so hauled myself to a fast food place and dropped $30 on nothing but hard shell tacos. When I got home, I closed the blinds, stripped off my clothes, and then turned the AC while sitting in front of it devouring tacos like I’d been a castaway, lost at sea without eating for five months.

I finished my $30 worth of tacos and needed more. Like now. As I dressed to go back and buy more tacos, I started thinking maybe I should stop by the pharmacy on the way home and pick up a pregnancy test because I'd never had the urge to eat that many tacos in my life. That night, I found out I was pregnant.

My home is filled with taco lovers, even our little guy who’s only a year-and-a-half is obsessed with deconstructed tacos, so this is totally screaming our names. If you’re a hardcore taco lover, it’s screaming your name, too!

There’s a restaurant in Texas and they say they’ve created an insane taco food challenge that only five people have been able to beat in almost 20 years.

Ha! They haven’t met a pregnant me!

The All-Mighty Chacho’s Taco Challenge is what it’s called and to win, you have to devour a four-pound taco all by yourself and you have to do it in just 10 minutes. Winners receive a shirt, a photo on the hall of fame and the restaurant will cover the $10 giant taco.

Road-trip, anyone?

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