For many of us, it's a day off. A fun way to stay indoors and watch movies and stay in our pajamas.

And, occasionally we get bundled up and go out to shovel just to keep up with the continuous snowfall.

But, this snow and cold can be very dangerous for the elderly. So, if you see them out moving snow them selves, and you can, help them out.

According to, the dangers of cold is even greater with older adults.


  • Environmental cold is felt less by the elderly, and their ability to control and regulate body temperature is reduced.
  • Elderly persons with conditions of chronic illness and multiple medications are more vulnerable to the cold.
  • Elderly persons with poor nutrition are more vulnerable to the cold.
  • The elderly tend to drink too little and to dehydrate even in the winter.
  • The elderly are liable to remain inactive at home, dressed inappropriately for the weather.
  • There is sometimes a tendency to heat the home less in order to save heating costs.

If you are able to help them out during this crazy snow storm, you could be saving a life.

Have fun today and be safe!




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