With the weather looking brighter and warmer (again!), I'm sure you're thinking about spring cleaning. The refrigerator probably hasn't had a good clean since this time last year, so you may want to tackle that task first. Brit.Co has come up with things from your fridge that you need to toss right away.

  • Old baking soda that you have used it to deodorize your fridge for far too long. Baking soda only has a shelf life of three months, so by now it is probably way passed its expiration date.
  • Jarred sauces and jams that are half empty (or half full, if you will) have a shelf life of six months, so if you're afraid to open it up to see if something is living in there, just toss it (or be brave and clean it out to recycle the container).
  • Tomatoes, avocados, potatoes, onions because these don't belong in your refrigerator to begin with. You should know better!
  • Opened wine, juice or soda because juice, once opened, goes bad within a month, and soda even sooner at a week's time before it's flat and no good. Wine you should just finish in one sitting (naturally) or otherwise in a few days before it loses its taste.

After you've purged fridge of things that have gone bad, you can finally organize it and hope that you keep it cleaner this year than you did last year. Happy cleaning!

(via Brit.Co)

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