Yesterday, my boss brought her dog into work, and I watched her for most of the day. Other than the occasional growl at strangers coming into the office, she was very well behaved! Bustle says that there is some training involved first if you ever want to start taking your own dog to work with you.

  • Make sure they are well-socialized as they will come in contact with new people and strangers on a regular basis. You need to make sure that your dog can handle situations with strangers, so try to expose them to other people and dogs as often as possible to get them used to those interactions.
  • Teach them to have a designated spot while at the office, so they can feel at home even if when they are not. You can have a dog bed there for them or a soft rug that they can lay on.
  • Have them learn basic commands that they will respond to when others in the office tell them to do something (sit, lay down, shake, etc.). Make sure when others give those commands that your dog gets a treat as that will help to insure that they behave for and listen to others within the office, too.

Having your dog at the office with you can be a lot of fun, and it can boost workplace morale, but you should make sure that the experience is good for your pet as well, and that they enjoy themselves as much as your co-workers do having your dog there.

(via Bustle)

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