Looking for a truly unique dining experience next time you're visiting New York City? Cafe Du Soleil has introduced a new way to do outdoor seating amidst the coronavirus pandemic, and it involves sitting in your own personal bubble... literally.

The cafe has transformed its outdoor seating area and set up gigantic, plastic bubbles, where individual groups can dine in their own space. The bubbles are surrounded by colorful lights and plants to provide a lively outdoor environment, and they're dog-friendly, so feel free to bring Fido along for your meal!

Cafe Du Soleil features a wide variety of French dishes and brunch options that look absolutely to-die-for. I mean, just look at the Nutella crepes in this TikTok video featuring Cafe Du Soleil. We all need those in our lives ASAP.

If you'd like to enjoy brunch or exquisite French cuisine at this New York City bistro or inside one of its outdoor bubbles, reservations are highly recommended. You can make a reservation online through Cafe Du Soleil's website. 

Cafe Du Soleil is located on Broadway in New York City's Upper West Side neighborhood, where it has been a staple since owner Alain Chevreux opened its doors back in 2004.

While still unique, the "dining-in-a-bubble" experience has also been used at a restaurant a little closer to home. Bocca Osteria in Cooperstown recently set up the plastic pods and customers have been able to eat outdoors, even when it's cold or raining.

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