We're getting into the wedding season now that the weather is warming up, and I'm sure you are planning to attend a few of them yourselves this year. If you're not sure what to get the newlyweds as a gift, Delish put together a list of some of the best wedding gifts of all time, according to the internet.

  • Good kitchen knives especially if cooking is a hobby for one or both of the newlyweds. Knives are guaranteed to be used over and over again (unlike a salad spinner!).
  • Every day china unlike the really expensive formal china that costs $80 a plate, every day china will get used, well, every day! You can't go wrong with buying them something that will really get some good use.
  • Food club membership is not something your mother would have put on her registry, but think about it, some of them come with wine or cheese, things that a newlywed couple may not think to/be able to afford to splurge on right now.
  • Mixing bowls because you really can never have enough of them, if one from a set breaks, it's good to have a spare!

What are you surprised is or isn't on this list?

(via Delish)

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