Today, Friday, April 23rd is "National Picnic Day" and this brings up a question that Traci and I were talking about yesterday during the 98.1 the Hawk Morning Show. I've been invited to a picnic on Saturday and I'm meeting some new people

I felt honored to be invited to the picnic and then some panic set in when I read the words "Bring a dish to pass." I replied that I would love to come but I have a minor problem.

As some people may know, I'm doing more of my own cooking and I'm not very good at it. I told them that I would be glad to bring store-bought cupcakes/chips/etc. I said that NO ONE wants to eat what I would cook unless you are looking to lose some people.

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The reply was "No problem, bring store-bought coleslaw." I'm thinking that I can definitely handle that so I went and got myself a tub of it. After I got the slaw back to my place, I looked at the expiration date and I started to perspire again.

The expiration date is the same day as the picnic on Saturday. Here are my questions: Is it still okay to take and does anyone ever look at the expiration date on the package? Traci has assured me that it's okay to take.

Picnic Day Question

So my question to you is: Do you ever look at expiration dates at an outdoor get-together or do I just put it in another container? My concern is that they know I don't cook so I certainly wouldn't be making my own slaw.

What would you do and what is your favorite picnic food?

Best Foods To Take To A Picnic

Today is National Picnic Day but tomorrow looks like a better day to celebrate with sunshine and temperatures in the 60's. By the way, if your looking for the best foods to take a picnic, go here to find out. My coleslaw didn't make the list but I like a lot of their ideas.

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