Louie G
Louie G

Do you have hand sanitizer in every purse you own? Do you get picked on for over washing every vegetable in the fridge? Well, you will be getting the last laugh.

According to a new study that I read about in the Daily Mail, being a little (or a lot) neurotic will help you to live longer.

I am actually just the opposite. I am the person who rubs his eyes after pushing a grocery cart at the store. I am the person who licks his fingers after touching every dirty surface in town.

Researchers believe it's because those neurotic tendencies have positive benefits when it comes to making healthier choices or going to the doctor early when something might be wrong.

So, congratulations! You will be laughing all the way to the cemetery to put flowers on all of our graves that aren't as neurotic as you.

[via: Daily Mail]


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