A few weeks ago, I made a post with ways to know if you are a good kisser. While you may be thinking that you are a professional at this point with kissing, I'm sure you're now wondering about the other skills you have, and if they are just as good. Bustle has a few ways for you to tell if you're good in bed.

  • Your enjoyment is not your only priority, you want to make sure the other person is enjoying themselves as well! How can anything be fun anyway if someone else is having a bad time?
  • You don't race to the finish line but instead enjoy the ride. It's like the tortoise and the hare, who do you think had a better time when they raced each other? The tortoise did because sometimes slow and steady wins the race.
  • You ask for what you want because you know that if you don't, then you'll never get it. How can sex be any fun if you're not being vocal about your wants?
  • You and your partner talk about sex which speaks volumes to your relationship together. If you can talk about your intimate relationship then odds are that you are learning and getting better together regarding sex.

With most things, practice makes perfect. So talk to your partner and if they consent to helping you get better, then practice, practice, practice!

(via Bustle)

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