If you have an Amazon Alexa at home, you may not know all of the things that your device can do! Bustle informed me of some of the great things that your Alexa can do in order to help you around the holidays this season.

  • Set timers while you cook using your26device instead of your oven timer because you may have more than one timer to keep track of at a time, and your Alexa is able to keep track of simultaneous timers!
  • Be read your recipes instead of having to keep opening your phone and read the recipe yourself (I don't know about you, but I always have sticky fingers when I cook and can get my phone all messy when I have to read the recipe myself).
  • Listen to Wild 104 with your Alexa device all year round by clicking here for instructions on how you can listen to your favorite D.J.s through your Amazon Alexa!

Whether you plan on cooking a lot this holiday season or want to dance off all the mashed potatoes and pie by listening to Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and others, you can do it all with your Amazon device!

(via Bustle)

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