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Amanda Bynes Is a Rapper Now

It looks like Amanda Bynes is branching out and trying something new with her career: rapping! The former child star just released a teaser for an upcoming song coming out soon with a rapper name Precise. (via TMZ)

Camila Cabello's New Healing Justice Project

On Tuesday, Camila Cabello launched the Healing Justice Project, an initiative which aims to send grants to ten organizations that will pay for their workers' mental health needs for half a year. The singer has also been speaking to racial equity groups and activists, and she has made a promise to help promote meaningful change after old racist tweets of hers recently resurfaced. (via Hollywood Reporter)

Joe Exotic Didn't Make Trump's Pardon List

Joe Exotic and his team aren't happy right now. They had high hopes of Exotic being on Trump's final pardon list of 100+ people, but that didn't end up happening. Exotic's team had even had a limo ready to pick the Netflix star up from prison on Tuesday. Exotic's team told TMZ, "140 million Joe Exotic fans had a hard time getting out of bed this morning." (via TMZ)

DJ Khaled and Fat Joe Have a Joint OnlyFans

DJ Khaled and Fat Joe now have an OnlyFans account together—but it's not for anything, uh, sexual. Apparently, they're going to use the platform to spread "exclusive motivational and inspirational content." (via Uproxx)

Tom Holland Didn't Think He Got the Role of Spider-Man

Tom Holland recently revealed the "bizarre" way he found out he'd gotten the role of Spider-Man, which involved breaking his computer. (via People)

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