You have been waiting to go away to college since you could crawl, and now that it's freshman year, you're missing home. Brit.Co has some great advice for your first year away.

  • Get on a schedule because not only will that help you stay organized and prepared for your classes, it will keep you busy which will help lift your mood if you're missing your family or pet dog.
  • Sleep! You may think that pulling an all-nighter will help you on that exam tomorrow, but I promise you that it will not. If your mother knew, she'd be furious. Study a little at a time instead of cramming it all in the night before.
  • Leave campus occasionally otherwise you might start feeling trapped, and you should love not only your campus but also the town that it's in. Wander downtown with your roommate for a slice of pizza somewhere once a week or so, and get to know where you're living.

You are going to be at your college for four years, learn to love it and try not to miss home as much as you do now. But, don't forget, your parents are going to want a call from you every once in a while because they miss you, too!

(via Brit.Co)

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