Here's a lesson for you to make sure that you hide toys for your kids well this holiday season.

Out in Massachusetts, the Franklin Police Department was collecting toys to donate to kids in the area, according to a report by Boston 25 News.

All the toys were stored in a classroom at the station, but toys slowly were going missing.

After some quick investigation, the officers nailed down their suspect: Ben Franklin.

No, not that Ben Franklin.

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Ben Franklin, a golden retriever, is the station's therapy dog. A video taken by police caught the dog in the act of taking a toy baby doll out of the classroom.

Officers followed the dog to another room, where the officers found more evidence Ben Franklin's misdeeds.

In the news report, officers said the dog just thought that all those toys coming to the station were for him!

Luckily, he won't be charged for his crimes... he's just not allowed in the toy room anymore.

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