Anyone who has ever adopted an animal knows how special an experience it is. To give an abandoned animal a loving home forever is one of the best things you can do for them.

But what about the animals who have been at shelters for months, even years?

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Case in point: the animal who has been at the Broome County Humane Society has been there for more than 500 days, or almost two years.

Meet Tyco.

Kim Broderick

Tyco is a mixed breed three-year-old who came in as a stray. The humane society says Tyco was out and about for three days on his own, because it took the dog control officer to chase him down.

The dog came in very wild and aggressive, but over the course of hundreds of days, Tyco has been trained to love other dogs and play with him. He just likes to be dominant over other dogs, and doesn't like when other dogs are dominant over him.

Despite being stubborn at times, Tyco absolutely loves hugs, kisses, and playing fetch. Especially playing fetch. His handlers say that he is great at returning the ball, sitting/laying down, and waiting for you to throw the ball again.

The main thing with Tyco is that he goes to a home with no kids or other pets, with owners that are stern and have dog handling experience.

Tyco can behave a bit like a toddler in terms of stubbornness, but the humane society says once he learns to respect a person, he listens to them perfectly.

To learn more about Tyco, click here or call the Broome County Humane Society at (607) 724-3709.

Kim Broderick
Kim Broderick

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