What a crazy world we live in. I remember vending machines as the thing that took most of my money as a young person and replaced it with fat.

I do have a confession though. When I was young and dumb I took a dollar bill and attached a long piece of tape on the end. It was that clear packaging tape. And, I would put a dollar bill in the vending machine until it registered that the money had been received.

Then, using the tape attached to the dollar bill, I pulled the dollar bill back out of the vending machine. I got the candy AND the dollar bill. I'm sorry if it was your vending machine I robbed.

But, that is nothing compared to today's vending machines. According to Vice.com, you can now buy Instagram likes.

Vending machines just started popping up in malls around Russia . . . and they sell INSTAGRAM LIKES.  You put in 50 Rubles, which is about 88 cents, and your picture will get 100 fake likes.  And for 100 Rubles, you can get 100 fake followers.

And just to add to the overall Russianness of it all, when you use the machine, the company who makes them hijacks your account without permission to spam all of your friends.

I remember how excited I was when I first heard about pizza vending machines.

[via: Vice.com]

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