If you are a newcomer to the area, there are some names of streets, buildings, rivers, towns, etc., that will most likely get mispronounced. Some names, even us old-timers can't get right!

As with any community a person moves to, there are names that will get mispronounced, and the Binghamton area is no exception. For example, below are a few street names I'm sure are pronounced wrong by newbies, and even some long-time residents, including me!

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Take a look and let me know of some streets that you think would be mispronounced by a newcomer. And it doesn't have to be limited to just street names either!

  • 1

    Mygatt Street

    Pronunciation: Mah-gatt.
    I've heard: My-gatt and Muh-gut.

  • 2

    Leroy Street

    Pronounced: La-Roy.
    I've heard: Lee-Roy.

  • 3

    Goethe Street

    Pronounced: Go-ta.
    I've heard: Goat and Goth-ee.

  • 4

    Haendel Street

    Pronounced: Han-Del.
    I've heard: Hey-N-Del Street.

  • 5

    Mendelsohn Street

    Pronounced: Men-Del-Son.
    I've heard: Mend-Less-john.

  • 6

    Stuyvesant Street

    Pronounced: Stye-va-sant.
    I've heard:Stew-v-sant.

  • 8

    Otsiningo Park & Otseningo Street

    Both Pronounced: Ot-Sen-ingo - just like it's spelled.
    I've heard: Ot-Sen-engo and Ot-Sen-ango.
    Extra: The park is spelled Otsiningo and the street is spelled Otseningo.

  • 9

    Aberystwyth Place

    I've heard: I wasn't looking for this street on the West Side, but ran into it by accident, and had no idea how to pronounced it. Found the answer on the world wide web. At least that's what we're going with, unless otherwise corrected!

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