Most of us have some insecurities when it come to our bodies, even people like Kim Kardashian who is drop dead gorgeous! I think I'm a fairly confident person, but there are definitely things I'd like to change if I could snap my fingers and make it happen! A survey asked people if they could change one body part, what would it be? Here is what people had to say and also take our survey and let us know what you would change!



The one thing in the survey that took me by surprise was that 34% of men said that they want to change a thing about their bodies. And 21% of women said that they wouldn't change anything. I figured just about everybody would want to tweak something!
As far as the rest of the study, men said that the body part they would want to change the most is their stomach which came in number one. That didn't really surprise me. Men tend to gain weight in their stomachs. Followed by stomach was their face legs back and lastly butt. I know what you thinking, that body part wasn't an option in this survey!
And for women, stomach came in as the number one body part to change too. Follow next by their chest, legs, face and lastly butt.
The body part I would change if I could would probably be my legs.
What body part would you change if you could?


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