Wedding season is upon us! People love weddings. You get to see people all dressed up, you get to dance, you get to eat and have cake and hopefully there is an open bar which will help encourage everyone to dance...just a little hint if you're planning a wedding and want people to dance! But if you're attending a wedding, guess how much it might cost you. Take a look at these statistics.



Think about what you buy when you go to a wedding. You might get a new outfit, shoes, and accessories. You may have to travel that would require you to fly and stay in a hotel. And then of course you have to get a gift...because you are not the gift no matter how far you travel!

American Express released the results of their annual study on the cost of weddings. In 2015, you'll spend an average of $673 to go to one! That's up 14% from last year and almost double from 2012! The study found 43% of people have decided not to go to a wedding because they couldn't afford to attend. I can honestly say I have never spent that much to attend a wedding but most of the weddings haven't required me to travel.

How much do you normally spend on attending a wedding?

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