Have you ever been sick and just wished that a store would deliver you some medicine and tissues? Well if you live near a 7-Eleven you're in luck because they started a new website called DoorDash.com. Check out some of their very interesting packs that they offer.

7-Eleven is now going to start offering "packs" in selected cities, and they will cost between $15 and $20. They will deliver these packs right to your door. Here are a few that they offer.

They have the "sniffles pack" for when you're not feeling well. It comes with medicine, tissues Gatorade and more. Which I think is a brilliant idea because when you're sick the last place you want to go is to a store and frankly nobody at the store wants you there either!

They offer the "gameday pack" for you football fans. It comes with a large pizza, a bag of Doritos, corn chips, a bottle of Coke and 10 hot wings. They have a "hangover pack" which includes extra strength Tylenol, some Gatorade, pizza and a turkey sandwich. And if you are wanting a romantic night in, they offer the "date night pack." This one includes a tub of Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, a Hersey's chocolate bar, a pack of gum and some condoms.

I think they are onto something! You could make a "breakup pack" for people who are going through breakups and are feeling down. You could throw in some Ben & Jerry's, a bottle of vodka and some matches to burn all of your exes letters and pictures. The possibilities are endless!

What pack would you like to see made?