You know the saying: Work smarter, not harder.

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Life is difficult enough already. Why not make the life of someone close to you much easier this Christmas? Try getting them one of these gifts:

  • 1

    Mug Warmer

    No one likes lukewarm, room temperature coffee. No one.

  • 2

    Solar-Powered Window Phone Charger

    It sticks to the window and uses the sun to charge your phone. Neat!

  • 3

    Bag Resealer

    It's not just clipping your bag of chips. It's resealing it. No more stale chips.

  • 4

    Horizontal Glasses

    For all my fellow people who like to watch TV while laying down.

  • 5

    Pizza Scissors

    Gone are the days of rolling the pizza cutter about four or five times to get it to cut properly.

  • 6

    Tile Tracker

    This is one I had never heard of before, but it's an awesome idea! It's a tile that you can clip to anything you are afraid of losing: Keys, pet collar, purse, you name it!

  • 7

    Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

    Another one I had never heard of before! Apparently all you do is fill this little thing with vinegar and water, put it in the microwave for seven minutes, and it breaks down all the gunk buildup in the microwave!

  • 8

    Handheld Saw

    An awesome gift idea for anyone who is really into home improvement or woodworking.

  • 9

    Boot Dryer

    This one will save your floors when people come inside from being out in the dirt and mud all day.

  • 10

    Shopping Bag Handles

    Because two trips are for quitters.

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