Since the era of cell phones, you have to admit our concept of time has gotten a lot more casual.

Add in a global pandemic, with millions of people working from home, and Casual Friday became Casual Everyday.

It's called "time softening," and it describes how "on time" means one thing to someone, and another to someone else.

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However, according to a study by, the average boss will consider you late once you go past six minutes.

The study also noted that almost 30% of us are guilty of being late once a month, and 16% are late once a week.

CareerBuilder has some good advice for work-from-home folks to stay professional:

"Make sure you carve out a space or routine that serves your productivity. This might be a formal desk with two monitors and an ergonomic chair, or it might be you tethered to your laptop moving to different spots in your home. Invest in your space so you can hunker down...and get great work done."

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