This is brilliant.

The Arcade Marketplace in Arcade, NY has a pre-packaged meal consisting of meat, potatoes, and beer available for under $20.

It's unclear how many varieties of the Adult Lunchables are available at the Arcade Marketplace but we spotted at least two beer varieties (Busch Light and Labatt Blue Light).

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The Arcade Marketplace has a cool history. It was originally founded as a meat market in 1920. Founder Lucas Brass' store expanded with a produce and grocery department, before operating under the Super Duper name in 1960, then changing to a Jubilee in 1992.

"In 2002 we made the switch to Olean Wholesale and became Brass' Shurfine. In February of 2019 Olean wholesale was purchased by C&S wholesale which would eventually eliminate the shurfine name as we would become Arcade Market Place.

-Arcade Market Place website"

And fun fact about Lunchables, they were invented in 1985 as a way to sell more bologna.


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