Long after you leave the nest, your parents can still have a profound influence on your life and the way you decide to lead it. Bustle explains the different ways in which your parents can still affect your life.

  • Dating people with the same issues as your parents such as gravitating towards a partner who likes to drink on the weekdays when your father (or mother) was an alcoholic. While it's an addiction for them, it's familiar to you.
  • How you view yourself if your parents always compared you to your older sibling and made you not feel good enough, you might carry that feeling of comparison into your adult life.
  • Acting different from them in the sense that you had to be the opposite of what they wanted you to be, and even then that is your parent's influence on you if you think about it.

Your parents will have influenced you long after you move out of your childhood home. Whether that is a great thing to pride yourself in, or something that you wish wasn't the case, they raised you and they love you, and hopefully you got the good traits as opposed to the less than good ones.

(via Bustle)

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