The next time you go to a party make sure you have a nice outfit, which has to include these special sneakers that no one should be without.

I wish they had these when I was a partying! According to, Adidas has come up with a pair of sneakers that are made with a material that's beer-proof and vomit-proof.

It's a new limited-edition sneaker that they'll be selling in Germany for Oktoberfest. But, hopefully they will start to sell them here in the U.S.

And they also have some embroidery on them that's meant to look like the patterns on lederhosen . . . but I'm thinking that when it comes to features, that's less important than the whole beer-and-vomit resistance thing.

On a sad note, I am not worried about vomit or beer, I would just love it if they were pizza sauce proof. I am not kidding when I say that I have ruined sneakers over the years when I woke up the next morning only to find my sneakers covered in pizza stains.

Of course, thanks to my good friend and Binghamton University Women's Head Basketball coach Linda Cimino, I don't have to worry about pizza on my sneakers anymore.

And, speaking of Oktoberfest celebrations, our Parlor City Oktoberfest is coming up on Saturday October 14th, from 11AM til 8PM. Get all the details HERE.

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