Who would have thought that playing with Legos could be a perfect career choice. If you are a fan of Legos, there is a job opportunity waiting for you.

According to the BBC, how would you like to make over $100,000-a-year playing with Legos?  You actually might be able to pull it off . . . but you'll have to hustle and probably do a LOT of lying on your resume.

The University of Cambridge in England is looking for a "Professor of Lego" to study Legos, figure out ways to incorporate them into education, and analyze the role of Legos and other toys in kids' lives worldwide.

But there are two catches.  One, the deadline to apply is tomorrow.  And two, they're looking for someone with an, quote, "outstanding research record of international stature and vision, leadership, experience, and enthusiasm."

[via: BBC]

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