Nearly everyone is Central New York looking for ways to make a little extra money, but this side hustle might give you a case of cold feet.

Now, we'll be honest, this whole conversation started at work when a co-worker says a friend earns quite a bit of extra money selling picture of her feet on the internet. Instagram, in particular. Our first reaction was along the lines of "ewww, gross" but then we heard the details.

This friend sells pictures of her feet, and JUST her feet, for $75 per foot. Both feet will cost you $150. She sells them to anonymous people on Instagram who clearly really like feet. It's probably best not to think too hard about just how much.

This friend sells the pictures from an account that isn't linked to her personal one and doesn't give out any personal details. One of the potential drawbacks of this side hustle was needing to get pedicures every week. Oh no, not pedicures every week - how will we manage?

Honestly, I'm considering it. Maybe there's a market for middle-aged women with unusually long toes. At $175 for a picture - which another enterprising pointed out you can sell multiple times - it sounds like a pretty easy way to make money.

Would you sell pictures of an anonymous G-rated body part to make a little extra cash?

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