Most of us had a teacher, whether middle school, high school or college, that helped shaped who we are and inspired us to be better. These were teachers who we wanted to make sure they knew just how special and important they were.

That's exactly how 400 students in Nashville feel.

Ben Ellis teaches Latin at a Christian school in Nashville but has been on sabbatical after battling cancer for about nine months. Students felt a special connection to Ellis and truly missed his presence in school! So they decided to get together and show him just how much he is missed... and not just a class, but the ENTIRE SCHOOL!!!


The school loaded onto buses and headed toward Ellis' home, unbeknownst to him. Ellis looked down from his bedroom window to see the entire school singing to him! (The video of it blew up after Tim McGraw re-posted it)

As someone who has personally seen a handful of relatives, friends, and loved ones battle cancer (sadly some did not win the battle, others were strong & lucky!) this is one of the most touching things I have ever watched. For someone to know how important they truly are to the world gives hem strength to push through and hopefully beat the cancer.

Take a look for yourself:


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