Everybody knows that mail carriers and dogs don't always get along. Not all dogs hate the mail-person.

There are some friendly dogs who like the mailman and then there are other dogs who think the mailman is invading their space so they try and protect their owners property.

If a mail-person works the same route for a long period of time, they learn where the aggressive dogs are. But what happens on their days off? If somebody is filling in for them they may not know where the aggressive dogs live.

That's why Buffalo is taking action. According to WIVB, Buffalo residence might be finding stickers on their mailbox. It's an orange sticker with a paw on it that mail carriers use to alert other mail carriers that an aggressive dog lives in that house.

They also put a yellow sticker on the mailbox of the house next door 2 let the mail carriers know that a dog that a could be problematic lives next door.

I think it's a really good idea and I'm sure more cities across the United States will follow suit to protect mail carriers and delivery people.

I wonder if Broome and surrounding counties will follow Buffalo's lead. Time will tell.

To learn more about the stickers and to see what they look like, click here.

[via WIVB]

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