I am glad that I don't have the impossible task of naming the greatest athletes of all time. After all, all of my choices would be women wrestlers.

A new Harris Poll came out and named the top 10 Greatest athletes of all time. And so, the debate continues. Here are the top 10 Greatest Athletes of all time according to a new Harris Poll:

  1. Michael Jordan (basketball)
  2. Babe Ruth (baseball)
  3. Muhammad Ali (boxing)
  4. Serena Williams (tennis)
  5. Peyton Manning (football)
  6. Joe Montana (football)
  7. LeBron James (basketball)
  8. Tiger Woods (golf)
  9. Tom Brady (football)
  10. Wayne Gretzky (hockey)

More facts to know and tell:

  • The last time this poll was conducted was in 2009. Between then and now, the following athletes fell off the top 10 list: Brett Favre (previously in fifth place), Ted Williams (previously tied for 8th place) and Hank Williams (previously tied for 10th place). New to the list in 2016 are Serena Williams and Tom Brady.
  • Men agree that Babe Ruth is No. 2, while women lean towards Serena Williams for second place. Men and women agree that Muhammad Ali ranks third.
  • Among generations, Millennials rank LeBron James second, followed by Serena Williams, while Gen Xers and Baby Boomers both rank Muhammad Ali and Babe Ruth as second and third respectively. Matures rank Michael Jordan second and Joe Montana third. (Harris Poll)

Who would you like to see on this list?

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