Whether you have a big yard, a small yard, or no yard, sometimes you need to break up the monotony of everyday life and take the kids someplace away from home for a bit. Where better to do that than at one of our local playgrounds? My husband and I love to take our son, John, to the playground- it's a fun way to make silly memories and to burn off some toddler energy. If you want to get out and play with the kids, here are some of the places in and around Binghamton where you and your littles can enjoy some totally free play time together.

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    Recreation (Rec) Park- Located on Beethoven Street and Highland Avenue on Binghamton's west side, this park has a carousel, a pool, playground (completely handicapped accessible), and athletic fields.

    Ross Park- Located at 60 Morgan Road, Ross Park is home to the Discovery Center, Binghamton Zoo and the free to play in Story Garden playground (also a fantastic place to take photos of your littles).

    Alfred Street Park- Located at 6-8 Alfred Street, you'll find a playground, swings, and slides.

    First Ward Park- Located at 16 Seymore Street, this park has a playground with swings.

    Murray St. Park (also called Sunflower Park)- Located at 185 Murray Street this park has a playground with swings and slides.

    Valley Street Park- Located at 8 Valley Street, this park has a playground as well as swings and slides.

    Cheri A. Lindsey Memorial Park- Located at 1 Pleasant Street, this park has a playground and a skateboard park.

    Columbus Park- Located at 9 Columbus Street, this park has a playground which includes swings, slides and a spray pad.

    MacArthur Park- Located at 1081 Vestal Avenue, this park has a playground with slides and a swimming pool.

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    West Endicott Park- Located on North Page Avenue and West Franklin Street, this park has a big shaded sandbox and play equipment. There's also a free wading pool and carousel.

    G.F. Johnson Park- Located on Oak Hill Road and Witherill Street, this park has two nice sized playgrounds, a pool, and a carousel.

    Highland Park- Located on Hooper Road, this park has several playgrounds (including one for toddlers), pools and a carousel.

    Roundtop Park- Located at 1 Roundtop Park Street, this park offers a playground for the kids.

    Glendale Park- Located on Glendale Road, this park offers a playground.

    Mercereau Park- Located at  101 South Loder Avenue, this park offers two playgrounds.

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    Arnold Park- Located on Arnold Road, this park has a shaded sandbox and playground.

    Stair Park- Located off Murray Hill Road, this park has a lovely playground and woods nearby for exploring.

    Vestal Rail Trail- Located just off the Vestal Parkway, the Vestal Rail Trail has a playground about a five-minute walk from the parking lot.

    African Road Park- this park has a playground and a creek for the kids to explore.

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    Broome County Parks

    Otsiningo Park features several playgrounds, including one for smaller kids.

    Dorchester Park and Greenwood Park both have a playground for your little ones, as well as sandy beaches, perfect for building sand castles.

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    Johnson City

    Baker Street Park- Located at 96-104 Baker Street, this park offers a playground.

    Boland Park- Located at 475 Boland Drive, this park offers playground equipment for the kids.

    CFJ Park- Located at 98 CFJ Boulevard, this park offers a carousel and spray park.

    Floral Ave (also called Southside Park)- Located at 200 Floral Avenue, this park offers a playground as well as a wading pool.

    Northside Park- Located at 320 Harry L. Drive, this park features a wading pool and playground equipment.

    Virginia Ave Park- Located at 21 St. John Parkway, this park has a small playground area.

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