Respect, loyalty, love, all belong in a healthy relationship, but Bustle reminds us all that there are other, less thought about, things that are necessary in a relationship.

  • Acknowledgement of professional achievements even if you don't know always understand what exactly your partner does in their career, celebrating their successes in the line of work is huge. Be proud of how much they are able to achieve and accept how valuable others find them.
  • Clear communication about the physical aspect is incredibly important for a healthy relationship. Pressuring to do certain things, or do anything, that the other person does not want to do, is a red flag on a relationship. You already know that though.
  • Equal give and take because there has to be investment and commitment from both sides. This means finances, emotions, sex, etc. Too often there is one partner who receives the short end of the stick which should not happen.

You deserve the best relationship possible, don't settle for anything less.

(via Bustle)

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