I am always curious how some people are happy in the morning. I often ask myself, "what is your secret?" Well, I found some tips on how to put yourself in a good mood this morning.

By a raise of hands, who likes the sound of their alarm clock? I didn't think so. WellAndGood.com has come up with some tips on how to put you in a good mood every morning.

"All it really takes to start each day on the right foot is incorporating some brilliant hacks into your daily ritual."

Try one of these tips a day until you do all of them at once and you will be pleasantly surprised.

1. Put your phone down
Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin believes in stepping away from your phone in the morning to allow for a distraction-free zone. Just imagine how much better your morning will be when you start it off by spending time with your pet or journaling -- Liukin's a.m. activity of choice -- instead of firing off emails.

2. Take a healthy shot
Nothing will wake you up quite like a shot of ACV, something Hilary Duff knocks back every morning. Plus, the cure-all elixir has been said to help stabilize blood sugar, promote healthy digestion, and reduce candida overgrowth.

3. Make your bed
Your mom may have been right when she told you to make your bed every morning. It's the first thing that actress Elaine Hendrix does in the a.m. because, as she explains, it "symbolizes the closing of yesterday and the start of a fresh new day." Plus, it makes the whole room look less chaotic, which subconsciously calms the mind.

4. Get your caffeine fix in a smoothie
No one wants to start the day hangry or tired -- and you can kill two birds with one avocado (okay, and a little brewed coffee), thanks to this genius smoothie recipe from celeb trainer Adam Rosante. Finally, Team Smoothie and Team Coffee can both cheer over the same morning blend.

5. Try oil pulling after brushing your teeth
Coconut Kitchen and Nucifera founder Meredith Baird swears by the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling to get rid of bacteria and keep teeth white and gums healthy. Some say it even helps ease digestion and fatigue, but at the very least the practice will just make you feel fresh and clean -- key on those mornings when you don't have time to shower.

6. Light it up
The first thing beauty influencer (and former Miss USA winner) Olivia Culpo does in the morning is light a candle to literally bring light into the room. Plus, the aromatherapy benefits are real.

At this point I'll try anything. Have a great day!

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