A lot of pressure is placed on relationships this time of the year because you are expected to get your partner the perfect gift and make perfect wintertime memories with them. Bustle and Harvard lecturer Holly Parker, PhD, believe that there are smaller ways to make the holidays memorable without breaking the bank.

  • Bake each other cookies as that is a classic holiday activity which you can then eat the creations afterwards! Perhaps your grandmother has a family-favorite cookie that you would love to make for your partner to try. Now is the time to do it!
  • Have a snowball fight which is something you may not have done since you were a child, but if we're getting snow in the next couple of weeks, take advantage of it and have some fun!
  • Make each other cards instead of purchasing one because anything homemade is always better and more heartfelt than any gift that you could buy from the store. Chances are you'll keep the cards much longer than you would any gift anyway.

Starting fun (and cheap!) traditions with your significant other can help to keep them alive year after year.

(via Bustle)

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