I'm usually pretty aware of the scams and viruses spreading around social media but I was even surprised when this message popped up in my person direct messages.

You've probably seen it shared around Facebook. Someone posts that they got a free gift certificate from a very popular box store (ex. Target, Walmart, Home Depot, etc) just from filling up a survey and the post goes viral. Does that survey have anything to do with the company it's advertising? Absolutely not.

Well, now they've moved to attacking Instagram. Is it as easy to spread the message? No, because they're "slipping into your DMs" instead of openly tagging you or sharing your name like Facebook. On the other hand, all it takes it someone who doesn't know the scam or really wants a free trip to Disney or $1000 to Lowes and goodbye to your private information.

In case they haven't messaged you yet, this is the message I got so you know what to look out for in your messages. Be careful, don't give your personal information away and, as always, if it seems too easy/good to be true, it most likely is.

Jessica Sims/Townsquare Media
Jessica Sims/Townsquare Media

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