Twitter is stepping up their game and now has more than just a retweet, reply, or like type of options. Now, the Twitter app is introducing its new feature called Fleet. The Fleet is pretty much just like a story you would do on Snapchat or Instagram.

It seems like the new Twitter feature, Fleet, has left users with mixed emotions. Many of them have gone to the point to say that Twitter does not need the story feature, explaining that it is pointless. On the other hand, others have said that they are all for it. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also known as AOC went on Twitter to share her thoughts about the new Twitter Fleet. She is pretty much against it. AOC tweeted, "Does the fleets thing stress anyone else out? Like I use Twitter to get away from IG stories."

One person that we have to agree with is Tony Perez (@perezbox). He tweeted, "We now have stories on @Twitter but still no editing capability." That makes absolutely no sense how once you tweet you can't edit it. If you have a major typo you have to redo the whole tweet, so frustrating.

Other users say that they are all for the stories and will partake in the Fleet fun.

The Twitter Fleet is exactly like the Instagram stories, at least we think so. You can post pictures and/or videos that will disappear in 24 hours. Other users can reply to your story or give you a quick reaction with an emoji.

It really is exactly like Instagram and Snapchat. Many people treat Twitter like a "stepchild" and don't pay much attention to it.  I wonder if this will bring back some shine to the app.

I definitely will be killing more time just watching stories on Twitter Fleet now.

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