President Donald Trump is continuing to support select Republicans in the midterm elections while blasting the media as "fake."

August 2, that campaign came close to home with the Republican-in-Chief making an appearance at a rally in Wilkes-Barre to support Congressman Lou Barletta’s run against Senator Bob Casey.  The Associated Press reports the loud, hot rally the arena in Lackawanna County focused mainly on jabs at the media with Trump denouncing the press for under-selling his accomplishments.

The AP says Barletta’s bid to unseat Democrat Casey seemed to take a back seat but Trump did come up with one of his trademark nicknames for the two-term incumbent, calling him “Sleeping Bob.”

He also briefly mentioned immigration and the border wall and defended his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying getting along with Putin is "a good thing, not a bad thing."

During the frequent comments against the media, the crowd jeered and screamed at reporters stationed  in a holding pen-like area in the back of the arena.

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