Photo Credit: Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
Photo Credit: Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

The only debate between the two candidates competing for the Democratic Party nomination for New York Governor is over with no clear winner.

The televised verbal sparring between incumbent Andrew Cuomo and T.V. star Cynthia Nixon at Hofstra University August 29 at times sounded more like a playground confrontation with Cuomo raising his voice to Nixon asking “can you stop interrupting?” and she countering, “Can you stop lying?” Cuomo: "When you do."

The candidates kept to the expected topics with Nixon’s first response to a question about her qualifications for running the state being an attack on the incumbent saying experience doesn’t equal ability to govern.

The political newcomer, but long-time activist went after past corruption allegations plaguing Cuomo’s administration and the highest levels of state government, Cuomo’s record and timing concerning legislation dealing with issues like livable wage, women’s rights and LTGB issues.

The two-term incumbent concentrated on Nixon’s lack of experience, not only in dealing with budget and policy issues but in handling terrorism, natural disasters and President Donald Trump.

Cuomo’s name has frequently come up as a possible contender in a 2020 run for the White House.  Under direct questioning during the debate whether he was committed to serve a full four years if re-elected Governor, Cuomo said, “Yes, yes, yes.”

The winner of the Democratic Primary will face Republican Marc Molinaro, Independent candidate, Stephanie Minor and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins.

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