If you're doing any traveling this summer then you may already know some tricks of the trade to make flying a little bit easier and less of a hassle. BuzzFeed has put together some great travel tips for those who are less of a pro at flying.

  • Purchase noise-cancelling ear buds to help you tune out the other passengers, the sounds from the plane, etc. so that you can sleep easier in flight.
  • Catch up on movies with a cheap tablet or read a book on your kindle while on the plane. If you're focused on something else, the surroundings will bother you just a little less.
  • Dress comfortably with a hooded jacket, jeans or yoga pants, anything else that will make you as comfortable as possible, because you will be sitting for a long time on your flight.
  • Consider a sleep mask to shut out all the light around the plane to help you sleep. Nothing passes the time faster than a good cat nap.

Now buckle up and enjoy the ride. Happy travelling!

(via BuzzFeed)

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