Yes..I know we are all excited about Summer finally being here in Western New York, but with Summer comes along its own Pet Peeves!

Here are my Top 5 Summer Pet Peeves!

1. People who drive around in convertibles with the top down but with the windows up! What is the point? Isn't the reason you have a convertible is to feel the rushing air in your face?

2. Neighbors being too loud...sure this a problem all year, but it is even worse in the Summer because your windows are open and you can hear them even louder!

3. Mosquitoes...Need I say more

4. Ugly feet...Sure I am the first one to wear flip flops, but some people don't take care of their feet...come on people...fix them feet before showing them off!

5. People with "Salt Life" stickers that have never been to the ocean....Sure it is fun going to Lake Erie, but that is a fresh body of water. The sticker you want is "Fresh Life"

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