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During the current health crisis that impacts the entire world, many have been feeling anxious and may not know how to take control of their mental well-being. Child and adult psychiatrist with expertise in the treatment of anxiety, Vinay Saranga, MD created some tips on how to stay calm during the Coronavirus outbreak. 
For one, be sure to get information from reliable sources for trustworthy and accurate information. Saranga recommends frequently checking with The Center for Disease Control and Prevention as a source.
Also, be sure to focus more on what's going on around you as opposed to the coronavirus news worldwide. Sitting in front of the TV all day isn't healthy and can lead to excess worry. Focus on family and friends.
Other things you should get in the habit of doing is avoiding putting your hands in your mouth and touching your face. Plus, this could be a great time for you to take control of your diet.
If you feel that your anxiety is getting out of hand, use deep breathing exercises to slow your breathing down. Get professional help if you feel your anxiety has taken over your daily activities such as eating and sleeping.

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