Everyone is stuck at home, so how many ways are there to entertain your time? Well the NYC Health Department recently released a document that details, very graphically, how to pass some of that time in a safe way. The document titled, Sex and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), lays out the fundamentals and the not so fundamentals for city residents.

There are some very important guidelines that should be taken into consideration. According to TMZ, Understanding how you can get sick if another person has COVID-19 and realizing that officials still don’t know everything about the illness.

Some main points include making sure your sexual partner is feeling well and that everyone is clean. Knowing the person, of course, cuts out many risks. The health document even suggested that those who make a living by having sex should perhaps take a break from in-person dates.

At least it’s nice to know the city is watching out for all its residents.

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