If you just recently moved into a new apartment or house, learning how to organize your new space with all of your things is probably a top priority. Brit.Co has come up with a few creative tips on how to do just that for you.

  • Start your day off right and create for yourself a little station where you can quickly get ready in the mornings. This is instead of a full-blown vanity which, if you live in an apartment, you may not have the room for. So opt for a smaller version with a mirror and a few make-up and jewelry essentials.
  • Make sure everything has a place and that there is a place for everything. If there is a home for all of your belongings, then you can make the conscious effort to put things away after you've used them and therefore you'll never lose them!
  • Simplify your wardrobe and therefore simplify you life! Take stock of the items that you do wear often (at least once a month, seasonally) and donate what you no longer wear.
  • Keep you bathroom sink clear and either invest in drawers or containers on shelves to store all of your products. A clutter-free life is a much calmer one.

Be proud of the home that you've made for yourself. People will want to see your new space, so keep it organized and you'll be entertaining in no time!

(via Brit.Co)

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