My husband and I are officially house hunting! We are so excited, but we want to make sure we do things the right way. So we've found some really good tips for first time home buyers that we're using and others should, too!

  • Explore your options as mortgages have a lot of different nuances and you can have a lot of different ways that you can finance a house. Decide what is the most important thing regarding payment: monthly cost, upfront cost, or total cost (including interest).
  • Get pre-approved before you start looking at houses. You might think you can afford x amount, but you may only be able to afford y amount. You never want to fall in love with a house you can't realistically afford.
  • Hire the right agent for you because this person will be advocating for your best interest when it comes you making (arguably) the biggest purchase of your life. Find an agent that understands your needs and wants when it comes to buying a house.

Home buying is definitely intimidating, and you can very easily get over your head with it all. So remember to breathe, and remember to enjoy the process as much as you will enjoy your new home.

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