I am not afraid to say, I love Panera. I am a big fan of their rapid pickup where you order everything on the app and then you go into Panera to the pickup shelf and get your order. Super easy for anyone on the go. Their hot drinks are really good too, but as everyone knows, buying coffee can add up every week. Panera knows this too and got an idea and I think it's genius.

Panera teased the big announcement back in February on their Twitter page, and we were totally surprised when the big announcement was made.

According to Fox News, you can now get a monthly coffee subscription at participating Panera restaurants and it's a pretty sweet deal. You'll pay $8.99 (plus tax) and get unlimited coffee, hot tea or iced coffee. You can even get free refills and go every two hours, for those days where you need a HUGE pick me up. Like I said before, it's genius!

Interested in signing up for this great deal? All the details are right here.

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