The morning after any big drinking night can give you the a terrible headache and a thirst that just cannot be quenched. While we all want the best hangover cure there is, Bustle says that there are some things that we do that can make our symptoms even worse.

  • Greasy foods which I know so many people swear by as a hangover cure, and even I have indulged in some morning french fries a time or two, but it's counterproductive because greasy foods will just give you more heartburn and acid reflux than you already have.
  • Sauna to sweat out the alcohol from the night before is a terrible, terrible idea. This will dehydrate you more than the alcohol already has been and can be dangerous as you will be sweating out what little water you have left in your body.
  • Just continuing to drink the morning after will never help your hangover. You will only be prolonging and possibly making the hangover that much worse when you inevitably get it.

Getting hungover after a night of drinking is common, and only gets more common as we age (I'm 28 now, I feel 28 now!). If there was a cure-all for those Saturday mornings, I would want to be the first to know.

(via Bustle)

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