Several states in have legalized marijuana for recreational use in the past couple of years. There will be no recreational marijuana in New York, this year although the Governor promised to deliver. Over 65% of New York voters wanted in place recreational marijuana. The bill will not pass through the New York state Senate during this session.

According to Spectrum News:

The legalization of recreational marijuana appears to be a no-go for New York State lawmakers, sources tell NY1.

A new bill was expected to be introduced Wednesday in Albany, but state leaders were unable to come to an agreement.

Three-way talks between both houses of the state legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo broke down over the weekend.

They were at odds over where the revenue from legalization would go.

The money is the most important thing about this deal and probably will lead to its success or failure in legalizing marijuana in the New York State. I agree with the Senator who are calling for closure examination of who is benefiting financial from the legalized selling of marijuana.

There are communities and families who have been displaced and ruined because of the war on drugs and the aura of having drug related charges as a criminal record. These people deserve some sort of restitution for going to jail and being labeled a criminal, for it to be turned around and made legal.

Sure people want to use recreational marijuana but what about the lives of those, it has destroyed because it was illegal, and now to turn it around allow corporations to make billions from it seems unfair. These politicians that are stalling this bill are being accountable to communities they serve.

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