Instead of watching the yule log while you open presents on Christmas morning, you can actually watch a dumpster fire. Because, well, 2020. According to, an advertising agency called AM/FM created a video of a dumpster fire on their YouTube page. AM/FM's Instagram us also loaded with videos and interactions of saying Goodbye to 2020.

The video below, if you choose to watch it on Christmas morning or even have it on in the background when you are eating dinner is an hour long. AM/FM makes a disclaimer that this dumpster fire was done in a controlled and safe environment and they don't recommend you make your own.

My Dad doesn't have many traditions that he keeps year after year, but the ones he does have, we make sure we do. My parents got divorced when I was very young and we split a lot of the holidays. If my brother and I spent Christmas Eve with my Mom, we would sleepover, wake up and open presents with her, and then go to my Dad's house and spend the day there. My Dad was always so excited when we would arrive and he was always ready with a bunch of presents for us to open. One thing that always stuck out in my mind, was what was on the tv, the yule log. Yup, that burning piece of wood on a tv screen that would play on loop for hours and hours. He always had that on, and would said it always made it feel like Christmas. It was an old school thing and I always found it adorable. I don't think my Dad will be into the dumpster fire, but I know a lot of people have had a really tough year and will play it on loop Christmas morning.

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