If you ever feel like you do all the things for all the people all of the time just to see them smile and then realize that you forgot to take care of yourself in the middle of the chaos, you might be a mom.

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In all fairness, my husband is an incredible partner who shares a lot of daily life responsibilities with me. It's also my husband who does the majority of the homeschooling for our son and in my book, he deserves all of the trophies for dealing with that insanity.

When it comes to Christmas though, that's a different story. Deciding what gifts to buy falls on my shoulders. The wrapping, the meal planning, the coordinating of all things related to Christmas is handed over to me. And surprisingly, not because I'm a control freak. I mean, I am, but when it comes to Christmas, my husband throws up his palms and backs away slowly while telling me Christmas is my deal and that he knows I've got it.

Insert an eye roll and cheesy double thumbs up. 

SNL recently did a skit about what it's like to be a mom on Christmas morning and I laughed so hard that tears fell from my eyes. Even my husband laughed because he knew that SNL totally nailed it. I particularly loved the stocking part that shows how mom hangs up a stocking with her name on it because it would look strange if her's was missing from the family lineup but that mom's stocking is the one that is never filled.

Being a mom is the greatest gift in the world and even though sometimes we feel frazzled and exhausted and underappreciated, I think you'll agree with me that seeing the pure joy on the faces of those we love with all of our heart wipes all of those other things away completely. Seeing the excitement and happiness is why, even though I might grumble, I'm secretly proud to wear the "Christmas Coordinator" badge for my family.

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