Most people might think that this is a dumb thing but I really would love to have this if I had the money.

I think Fidget Spinners are fun. I even bought an Italy one. But, a solid gold Fidget Spinner? It's almost like they made it with me in mind.

According to Mashable, a Russian jewelry company called Caviar just started selling the world's most expensive fidget spinner . . . for $16,700.  Why's it so expensive?  Because it's covered in 100 grams of solid GOLD.

I did some research and it's a little overpriced but if you have that much money to spend then you probably won't shop around.

If you have more money than you know what to do with, or you are looking to get on my good side then click here to order this ridiculously expensive Fidget Spinner.

[via: Mashable]

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