Okay, who put in an order for more snow than we expected? The total amount of snow varies of course, depending where you live. The main picture is my backyard in Johnson City and yes, there is a pond in there somewhere along the path I shoveled out so my Greyhounds can do their thing.

We've heard snow totals from 36 inches and upward into the 40s. That's crazy! What happened to 8 to 15 inches? Oh, well, we wished for a white Christmas, so I'm guessing some of this snow will probably still be here a week from now.

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Please be careful when shoveling or snow blowing around your home. This a lot of snow and you need to keep your health in mind. Take it easy and ask for help if needed. I have no problem asking my neighbors for help.

Today, we've been asking our listeners to submit pictures of snowfall around their home, and we've received some great pictures. Check them out below, and keep checking back as we update the gallery!

Waking Up To A Huge Snowstorm In The Twin Tiers

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